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The Service


A Memorial Service
For Dr. Alan Dain Samples

April 24, 1993
Andersonville Christian Church
Andersonville, Indiana

We come together to honor the life and influence
of Dain Samples, and to find comfort for our pain.
Being together at this time is important;
we thank you for coming.
Sharing our faith and memories will bring comfort and peace.
Recognizing Dain's achievements will honor his life.

Andersonville Christian Church
is the source of some of Dain's earliest memories.
His grandfather (Papadaddy) C.M. Estes,
was the minister of this church
from the late 1940s to the early 1950s.
Dain had recently been talking about those memories
and his desire to return here for a visit.

--Taken from the memorial service handout




Greetings: John C. Samples


Devotional Thoughts
Dr. Robert Shannon

The Sharing

Dismissal / Benediction


Obituary of

Shadow on the Stage

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Selections from Dain's favorites, followed by two of his parent's favorites

Cats In The Cradle / Vincent (Instrumentals)

Pianist: Steve Roberts, Ocala, Florida
Dain's Milligan College "roomie" and friend of 22 years.

Send In The Clowns

Vocalist: Anita Lenas, Interlachen, Florida, Dain's sister-in-law.

Because He Lives (Instrumental)

How Great Thou Art

[With impromptu congregational singing of last verse]

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Ralph Small, Greensburg, Indiana
Friend of the family

Let's pray.

Father, with brimming eyes, with the heart of Jonah, we cry out,
"Even though He slay me, yet will I trust Him."

Father, you know our hurts, you know the great sense of shock and loss.
You know our deep fears and concerns. You know our grieving, in all of these.

Father, we come to you because there is no greater source
of love and power and grace and mercy and forgiveness and strength.
We are praying, Father, that for this family, these loved ones and these friends,
you will provide for every need.

Let this service be to your glory, Father, and to our strengthening through Christ.


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John C. Samples, Cincinnati, Ohio
Dain's father

This is Dain's Day, and we are here to make it his day.

There's room for two or three people right here on the front row; please come on down. There's room for one over here; please come on down. There's room for two right back here by the stove; please come and be seated. [Other comments about seating in adjacent rooms, etc.]

Thank you for coming.

Every time I move my eyes I see new people that I am glad to see. On behalf of Dain's wife, Pat, and my wife, Joyce, and myself, Thank you for coming. This is Dain's Day.

Some of you have a program; share them with those near you to identify people who are going to share in this day.

I'm pleased to see family, I am thrilled to see friends, I'm honored to see some of Dain's contemporaries and peers, and I am thrilled to see some of Dain's students. You sure help to make this... almost bearable.

Would the students from the University stand, please? (many students stand and are applauded.)
Thank you. Thank you very much.

There are some things I want to call to your attention as we begin our time of tribute together:

> There's some information in the program that will tell you about the
Dr. Alan Dain Samples Memorial Fund at the University of Cincinnati.
You need to know about that.

> Please take opportunity before you leave after the service to come and see some of the things here that speak of Dain's life. There are other things on the table over here... I even see the little bean bags that he used to practice juggling with all the time. You need to see some of those things. We need for you to see some of those things, as a matter of fact.

> And then, you're invited following the service to follow the convoy over to Lake Santee, which is about 12 to 15 miles south of here, where we will meet in the community center of the Lake Santee, the main building just as you go in, right in front of you where the big parking lot is. We'll have some food and we'll have some fellowship and we'll have some memories. It's on the lower level of the building. The upper level is a restaurant and you need to go around to the lower level. And that will be as soon as we finish here and we'll go over as a group. For those of you traveling either to Cincinnati or to Indianapolis, you'll not be getting any farther away from your destination because there is an easy route from there over to I-74 to go either way.

And now, our son, John Wayne, has a tribute for his brother.

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