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Dain's Day

Here reside memories of
Dr. A. Dain Samples

October 17, 1951
Richmond, Kentucky

April 21, 1993
Cincinnati, Ohio

"He sought to understand
why people believed
their ideas to be correct,
and learned more
from that effort
than by trying to
prove them wrong."

Dain, Pat & the Boys
September 1992

This web site has been produced in honor of,
and to help preserve the memory of, my brother
as he was remembered at his memorial service.

A teacher in life, Dain was also a teacher in death as
he left his body to the medical school
to be used for instructing students.

At the risk of being morbid (or tacky),
I choose to celebrate his life and memory
with this "CyberTomb", which seems particularly
appropriate since he helped in the R&D
of the chip that powers my computer
which keeps bringing me back here.
This is the best place I can think of
to share my thoughts with my big brother.

If you knew my brother or his work
and would like to add to the tributes at this site,
please drop me a note
and we'll just keep this going
in a "Comments" section.
John W. Samples